Friday, January 16, 2009


our wonderful videographer has finished our wedding video! he brought it to my parent's house the other day and we watched it immediately. it is in a word: magnificent.

in my life i've encountered, on a fundamental level, two types of people...those who get me and those who don't. I was so thrilled to work with Pat because he legitimately definitely gets me. I gave him free reign to do whatever he wanted to with the video and the result is flawless and beautiful. I love it. It even has a quote from Dr. Seuss in the beginning and if you ask me, you can't really get much better than that.

the other bonus is he is a legitimately interesting person, so that's always good.

Not only that but he ALSO put up with my crazy antics during the planning process when I would email him at random and make probably crazy requests for our video. He even brought us in and let us record some stuff ahead of time that he used as voice-over. It was just such a beautiful creation and i'm sooooooooo, so thrilled with it.

He's definitely a genius and I'm going to be so excited when he's a famous director or something and i can say "OMG HE DID OUR WEDDING VIDEO!!!" hahaha

anyway, here's the short little montage thing that he did at the end. it's set to our first dance song and it's wonderful.

and honestly, if you need a videographer and you're in the philly, jersey, delaware, nyc area you should seriously go with him. He has no idea i'm even writing this so it's not like i'm somehow on his payroll or anything lol i just legitimately think he's rad.

check out his website ( and use him for your video stuff! he wins. for reals!

love and my wedding video is perfect,



  1. awesomes!!!!!!!!!!! so fun. I want to watch the whole thing!

  2. you are aware that next time you get home you will be sitting through it no matter what haha it will be a baby visit and a wedding-viewing all in one most likely!!