Thursday, December 18, 2008

Weird Product..

so here's the newest weird product i've discovered:

Burger King has released a cologne just in time for the holidays

it's called Flame and it smells like BURGERS.

i am SO serious.


Honestly, who wants to smell like a BURGER? Who inhales deeply while they go by BK and says to themselves, "i wish that i could just bottle up that scent and wear it all over my body!"? Who WANTS to smell like char-grilled meat?? what the hells???

on it's website Flame proclaims; The Whopper sandwich is America's favorite burger. Flame by BK captures the essence of that love and gives it to you. Behold the scent of seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat.

the "essence of that love", the "scent of seduction"!?!? are we SERIOUS right now?

I'm pretty sure that if I came home and wrapped my arms around my fiance, put my head on his sholder, breathed in deeply and smelled BURGER i would say "uhhhhhh do you think you could go take a shower please?" or at the very least, "fast food for lunch, huh?". I'm pretty sure I would not rip my shirt off immediately, say, "that is the absolute scent of seduction", pull my hair down and start moving in slow motion with Barry White playing in the background. Just sayin'.

But, you never know.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

inanimate objects have feelings too

i am watching TV and a commercial for Smirnoff just proclaimed itself to be "James Bond's Vodka". This was followed by a commercial for Indiana Jones. What is it with Prime Time Sunday Night TV on USA and appealing to the older Action-Adventure fan base?

Would 007 and Indiana Jones get along? Would they battle? Who would win? I totally put my money on Bond, James Bond.

Meanwhile I am watching (aka nurturing my crush on) House. He is wonderful, isn't he?

Yes, that show is incredibly formulaic. Yes, every episode is an argument between him and his various team members: he's wrong, he's right, oh, wait, he's wrong again. Trauma, lecture, witty flirtation with Cuddy to try and get his way, experimental cure enacted, crash, trauma, simple solution discovered. all is well. Yes, that's how it always goes but No, that does not make it any less fabulous to watch. In fact, somehow it is even better because I look forward to that rise and fall through each hour that I watch it. It is fantastic and I love it.

but i do like that not everyone lives, not all of the relationships end up happy and that there are characters that are so real.

My birthday is tomorrow. I feel old but I am trying to talk myself out of it by wondering what I will feel like in ten years from now when I am still well under 40. It doesn't make me feel better. Nor does Ryan wishing me a happy 23rd birthday over and over again even though I will be turning 26. Ryan knows that my internal age right now is 23 and that I would love to forever be 23. He is sweet, but I am not 23, I will be 26 and therefore I want to try somehow to learn to accept that.

Maybe I will make a list of 26 reasons to be happy about being 26. But I don't have to do that until tomorrow so it's OK.

For now, I am 25, so I will watch House and rejoice in the comfort in it. I will tune out the James Bond commercials to the best of my ability and I will stay up late (like young people do) hanging out online with my friends and my blogs and I will thoroughly not worry about feeling old and instead will focus on being young.

For now.