Thursday, May 20, 2010

life: a wish for like-hearted people coming together

I've noticed that there really isn't anywhere for people to go to just congregate together and be amidst positivity.

I know that in theory that's what churches and places of worship are for, but i've found that in practice that is hardly true for me. I don't ascribe to many of the beliefs that institutions of those natures require and I cannot simply overlook certain words or practices in lieu of being part of a community. It just feels wrong.

I guess i wish for a place of what i can only describe as truth. It seems like that just doesn't exist. Truthfulness and positivity. People together because they want to do their part to advance goodness and positivity. Not even necessarily in the world on the whole (although of course that's a natural side effect) but more so simply within themselves. A place where people come together and hold a place of peace and positivity for one another, to share their insights about life and the world, to reinforce one another and support each other through another week.

Life is challenging. It can be tough and that's honest. But there are those of us out here in the world who believe that there is a point to overlooking that part of life and really focusing on goodness, kindness, on sharing love with ourselves and through extension with all of humanity.

But it can be daunting to feel like you're in it alone. Wouldn't it be so lovely to have a place where people who are similar to you just stood together each week, held a loving space, supported one another through the challenges of life, discussed mutual philosophies about how to approach life, expressed gratitude and celebration for positive experiences and then moved on?

I want a place like that. I almost want it to feature a service where each week someone stands and discusses the fundamental truths of life - you know, the truths that if you choose to live them make life better (anything can be a truth, it just depends how much credence you give it). I want my truths to be things like: people are fundamentally good. Life has purpose. I can make a difference in the world. Love is the most important thing to give and express. Blessings abound. Ultimately, everything is more good than it is not good.

I want a group of like-minded souls to help reinforce those beliefs. I want a group of people who stand together and decide together to see life that way.

Any belief system is an active choice based in a fundamental inclination. That's what I think this should be. Fundamentally inside my deepest heart of hearts I believe all of those things to be true. I believe them and I want to live them. But it's hard being a lonely satellite out there. I can see other stars around me, I imagine that they can see me too but there is something isolating in it. That's why community is so important.

No one can live a completely isolated and detached life. Everyone needs support and assistance. That's what I'm discussing here. People who see the world the same, or even people who just WANT to see the world like that, coming together, sharing a space, making it sacred simply through their conviction in it and helping each other get through another week. A place of just absolute faith in positivity and the importance of being present in a positive way in this life.

I wish that existed. I wish for it so much. And sometimes I even think that maybe i'll just go out and start it but I have no idea how to do that or if anyone would ever even want to do it with me. That's fear and doubt talking though and I know it. That's precisely the kind of thing I'm talking about wanting to avoid being a part of, that I want to avoid letting into my life at all.

Just my thoughts today.

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