Thursday, April 8, 2010

Coaching: it's gettin' hot in here - thoughts about wishes

I'm glad to know that someone out there was listening a few weeks ago when, standing in the snow I wished loudly that summer would hurry up and get here already. 

It's nice to feel heard.

The weather, as you know if you live anywhere near me (East Coast area) has been absolutely crazy hot. It's been in the upper 80's lower 90's this whole week. Honestly, I'm kind of overjoyed by this weather. It's nice to have sunlight and warmth for a change, for the tree outside of my window to be covered with tiny little buds and berries. To need a fan to blow on my bare legs while I read in the afternoon.

But no one likes a whole post about the weather and so that's why I want to point something else out here too...this post isn't just about weather, this post really is about Granted Wishes.

See, like i said, a few weeks ago when it was bitter and freezing and we were on our third or fourth blizzard and I had to walk through the snow with my jeans on top of leggings tucked into boots with holes in them, tube socks pulled halfway up my legs and three shirts, a sweater and a coat on, I said to myself, "Can't it please just be summer soon? Can't we skip the cold, wet, rainy spring and just jump right into summer? I would love some 90 degree days!"

And look around you, my friends. That's exactly what happened.

Now obviously I'm not suggesting that I have some magical pull with the universe or the weatherverse or any verses-that-be (but maybe i do, you never know!) but what I am saying is this: Wishes are Granted all the time. 

That's the thing of it - people walk around speaking out loud about what they want in life, and they don't stop and realize how often they get it!

A few years ago i taught a class about this, about how the way we communicate and the words we say can (and do) shape our worlds.  People don't understand this, they don't know that the words that they expel into the atmosphere around them become a part of that atmosphere and shape it. Their words are literally creating their realities. This is true because on a very non-new-agey-level, whatever you say when you aren't alone can be heard by other people and we all know that the words we say are often the largest influences on the people around us.

So without going off onto too huge a tangent here (too late?) I want to express this thought: What you say and specifically for the sake of this post what you ask for and what you want in life often comes to you, you just don't stop to realize it or to see it or to appreciate it for what it is when it gets there.

Many people have forgotten how much they would've loved a day like this a few weeks ago. Instead they're complaining about the heat, driving with their AC on already, shutting the blinds and the windows and cranking up the air, complaining that it's too hot to move or to go anywhere.  I want to say to them, "Remember your former self? You from three weeks ago? That individual is kicking you right now for not appreciating this!"

How many women wish for more romance in their lives? And yet when their husbands fill their cars with gas or when they suggest they go out for ice cream after dinner these same women don't stop and realize that their wish is being granted. Sure, it might not always look like exactly what you had in your mind, but what kind of world would that be? Who do you want to be married to? Yourself?

The thing to do here is to pay more attention to the world around you. Look at the ways in which your wishes are being granted.  Are you upset because you never have time to yourself and then all of a sudden your kids' friends invite them over for a few hours? Bam. Wish granted. Don't fill that time with stupid errands or other obligations or by doing whatever you would be doing if the kids were still around - go out there and do whatever you wished you could be doing if you had more time! You are being given this gift, don't waste it.

The point of this is (if i haven't yet beaten this thing to death): we are all being given the things we ask for in life. You just have to learn to open your eyes and open your heart to seeing that.  Do you want more flowers? Stop and notice how often you'll see pictures of flowers, books with flowers on them, commercials about flowers. Play a game with yourself, ask the Universe to show you something totally weird like pink bunnies or keychains with your initials on them or whatever and i promise you that without fail you will be seeing pink bunnies every day (and you'll be sober too! (hopefully!)).

Sure, has it been suggested to me that this could be a case of "what you seek you shall find" and that really all the pink bunnies were there all along? Yes. Definitely. And I don't debate that for a second - that could totally be true. But I ask you this: SO WHAT? Isn't it better to begin to actively look for the things we DO want in life than it is to search for the things we don't? Why not see the happiness, the positivity? Why not find those wishes for ourselves if that's the case. It doesn't really fundamentally matter either way if the Universe is responding to you or if you are just seeing what's already there. Either way your wishes are being granted and even the most cynical person out there hast to admit that there's something a little bit magical in that.

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  1. Keeping an open mind and an open heart and accepting that we will get what we most want is such a hard concept for people to accept. I recently had this same experience. I was offered two jobs, one doing something that I didn't really want to do but that offered financial security, and another that is exactly what I have wanted to do my whole life but that would mean a potential financial risk. Here was the universe finally granting my deepest desire--to work as a writer--and I was actually considering TURNING AWAY FROM THAT OPPORTUNITY!

    Thankfully, I have a loving partner who I swear knows me better than I know myself, and he supportively and gently turned me toward the right decision. As of this July, I will be working full-time as a writer. I know it will not be easy and financially I will have to make some sacrifices, but honestly, I realize now that it's a great decision and that it is, as you just said, a wish that's been granted. I hope everyone else reading this realizes just how wonderful it is to open yourself up to receiving what the world nudges our way. It's there; you just have to be willing to accept it.